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Our Story


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We always wanted to create the most compelling stories for brands that connect deeply with the audience.


We always tell our clients that their biggest competition are not other brands. It’s real life. What’s happening in the world is much more exciting, interesting and compelling than any advertising campaign. To be seen and heard, we believe brands have to tell better stories. And now, with so many ways to get the attention of the market, things can get a little too complicated.  We want to make it simpler, more insightful, more accurate, and faster for our clients to develop communication solutions for their brands.

We found out that the best way to engage our audience is by telling them a story, just like the old times. This way, the audience not only learns but also feels something for the brand and maybe, just maybe, move them to bring out the good in all of us.


Keyframe started as a quaint video production company then became a small advertising firm in 2014. A couple of years later, it blossomed into an integrated story company. From just two platforms of production and advertising, we now have six platforms to create and tell stories for your brands.


Why So Colourful?

Keyframe is more than a company, it's family. We laugh a lot, we sing and dance a lot and we eat and drink a lot more. We celebrate each little victory and learn from each other's mistakes. We are a ship full of dreamers and doers captained by our brave leader. Each colour represents every facet of who we are. Green is life. Blue is truth. Orange is creativity. Together, we bring truth to life through our creativity. This is what REAL is all about.



This is Us

We’re pretty much a young group, and some are just really young at heart.




Five individuals from different fields of expertise make sure everything runs well and everyone remains happy and productive. With many years of experience and leadership under their belts, learning and gathering experience from the multinational agencies and big marketing companies they have worked for, they have banded together to build their own.

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The stories we’ve created have been noticed locally and internationally.


2017 Silver Anvil Award - LRMC “Live for the Rivers Movement Coalition “ Campaign

2017 Philippine Quill Award of Excellence for Corporate Social Responsibility - LRMC “Live for The Rivers Movement Coalition “ Campaign

2017 Tambuli Awards - Finalist for Integrated Digital Campaign-  XOOM “ LOL”

2017 Boomerang Awards - Shortlisted for Best in Sales- XOOM “LOL” Campaign



2017 SHORTYs - Silver Award for Financial Services- XOOM “LOL” Campaign

2017 SHORTYs - Audience Honor for Financial Services - XOOM “ LOL” Campaign

2017 PAYPAL Marketing Greatness Awards - Global Winner XOOM “LOL” Campaigns

2017 CLIO AWARDS - Shortlisted for Branded Content - XOOM “ LOL” Campaign

2017 ANA Multicultural Awards - Winner-  XOOM “ LOL “ Campaign

2018 New York Festivals AME Awards - Finalist Certificate - XOOM “ LOL “ Campaign

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2017 ACES Awards - Top SME in Asia

2017 Campaign Asia Agency of the Year - Finalist for Best Independent Agency